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INFRARED Deep Heat Theraputic Body Wrap Treatment

Alot of us do not have the time or are unable to get the recommended exercise in for good health management.  We found that one of the best passive exercise is the RADIANT HEAT from  our INFRARED BODY WRAP Treatment which causes a profound deep sweat.  In just on session of exposure to infrared heat, the blood vessels of the skin dilate to allow more blood flow to the surface to support the natural cooling process.  The millions of sweat glands covering the body are infused with fluid from the blood.  In turn they empty to the skin's surface, thereby flushing large amounts of  sweat and toxins from your body. Your heart has been working harder pumping blood at a greater rate, boosting circulation, providing the benefits of a continuous workout.
Best of all, this all happens while you are relaxing in our INFRARED BODY WRAP.

Book on Line Special
ends February 28th 
Great time to try out our
90 min Infrared Body Wrap
for only $59.00

Welcome to Total Body FX

We look forward to contributing to your
personal journey of wellness. 

Infrared Sauna


Hydrating Facial

Individuals with a history of Multiple Sclerosis, Hemophilia, Hyperthyroidism, Systemic Lupus, Erythematous or Adrenal Suppression should no be involved with any Infrared Heat Therapy Treatments.

Always be sure to consult your physician prior to using Infared if you have any type of health issues or have:
Artificial Joints, Metal Pins or Rods, Surgical Implants.  women who are pregnant, nursing or experiencing menstral flow should also not use Infrared Heat Therapy.

If you are on any type of prescription medication please be sure to check with your physician or pharamacist first.
Recreational Drugs or alcohol should not be used 24 hours prior to any Infrared Heat Therapy.

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Infrared Sauna